How to Become a Member

Show up to three member meetings. Easy as that. Then you officially become a member of EESTEC LC Zurich and can start applying to all international events throughout Europe.

When do You Usually Meet?

We have roughly bi-weekly meetings on Thursday evenings. There we cheer about upcoming and past events and have fun. There is an after-meeting as well.

What does EESTEC offer me?

EESTEC gives you the chance to meet amazing people all over Europe that have the same open mindset that you have. You will work in small international teams on stunning projects while learning about other cultures, values and views and of course, having a lot of fun.
Besides the academic aspect, EESTEC makes traveling easy with around 45 possible destinations. Plus, working hard means partying harder at night or on our IMWs. Read about past events in our blog.

How To Apply to an EESTEC LC Zurich Event?

The easiest is if you are a member, you get all the information straight away. Additionally, EESTEC LC Zurich events are sometimes (but not always) listed on amiv.ethz.ch and vis.ethz.ch, where you can sign up.

How To Apply to an International Event?

Become a member, you’ll get all the information at our member meetings.

I want to go to a workshop, but I’m afraid to miss a week of ETH. How can you do it?

We can understand that it seems nearly impossible to miss one week of ETH. On the other hand, if you miss a week, it’s quite well possible to get up-to-date again. If you work a little bit harder the week before and after, then you are quickly back on track.

What is an IMW?

IMW is short for International Motivation Weekend. These are fun, weekend-long events, as the name implies. Usually, they involve two great parties. EESTEC LC Zurich organises multiple IMWs per year, one of them is even a skiing weekend. There are a lot more IMWs throughout all of Europe. Check out eestec.net and our calendar.

“I heard about this really great event I want to join and there are fewer than three member meetings until then. :(“

Come to a member meeting and talk to the board. We will figure something out. ­čśë

My question is not answered.

Send us an e-mail at contact@eestec.ethz.ch or simply show up at our next member meeting, no sign-up required!