A journey through time: a timeless IMW

Meet our carefully selected heroes for this once in all of time adventure journey:

Tim the Benz:    

race: Cosmopolitans

class: Traveller

start items: cheese + extra cheese

strength: knowing everyone

weakness: member meeting attendance

special move: setting up beer baseball 

Michael the Heider:

race: Eternals

class: Chairman

start items: Ricola + mulled wine

strength: EESTEC LC Zurich Spirit

weakness: cooking

special move: summoning EESTEC LC Ljubljana

Philipp the Huth: 

race: Forsakens

class: Engineer

start items: Swiss Chocolate + cheap Vodka

strength: navigation 

weakness: not sleeping through breakfast 

special move: EESTEC Haka

Our party of three explorers starts their adventure in the usual starting location: an SBB train. Arriving just in time, our Engineer joins the game alongside the Chairman and Traveler all bringing the best equipment found in the realm of the Swiss. The train takes the party from Zurich to the first challenge: the nothingness of Maroggia Melano. Stranded in icy no man’s land, the group hesitates. How can they escape and move to the next chapter? Can the Chairman drag his luggage up the mountain for 7 miles to the IMW? The experienced Traveller convinces him otherwise. It is time to use a special ability. The party manages to summon Gregor from EESTEC LC Ljubljana with his car to move on to the next area. But how can one get there, which path leads through the villages of Ticino? Our Traveller and Chairman try to find it on their maps, while the Engineer focuses on not interfering with the communication. That could have been handled better. Our adventurers do not make good use of their respective strengths and get lost somewhere in the borderlands. Still, they can manage to find the way eventually with their combined strengths.

The next task for our party members is the Travelling Back In Time Party and making unforgettable memories there. After Italian Pasta for dinner, our group gets ready and reverts in time. Tim travels to his favourite childhood moments of wearing a vest and going on trips with his kindergarten friends. Michael goes back all the way to the Middle Ages, fighting in the crusade. However, Philipp goes back a little bit less to summer 2022 and EESTEC’s Summer Board Meeting, his first-ever long EESTEC event. Clad in the event’s merch, having swapped his badge for the SUBOM’s one, and is ready to go for a swim with swimming pants on and a towel on his shoulder. Despite winter also being too cold to wear swimsuits in the Italian Alps, all adventurers are having an amazing time at the party together with their EESTEC friends, which includes everyone in the Traveller’s case. He makes use of his special move in combination with the Chairman: He sets up and wins a perfect round of beer baseball with Luc from LC Ljubljana as his teammate.

On the next day, our party of EESTEC LC Zurich adventurers has 3 obstacles to overcome: breakfast, the hike, and the Coming From The Future Party. While Michael the Heider and Tim the Benz get up early to catch breakfast, Philipp the Huth’s weakness activates and he misses breakfast. Luckily, thinking fast and acting faster, he finds the bag of cookies not put away yet and can nourish himself with delicious Italian pastries. This shows how important it is to find ways to negate one’s weaknesses. The hike is mastered without much issue because all of our party members are well-trained from LC Zurich hikes in the Alps. Even our trained Swiss residents are still impressed by the amazing view of the Lago di Lugano shown to them by LC Milan. On a hill above the lake, our EESTECers enjoy the magnificent scenery with their friends and the mulled wine brought by Michael and Tim. On the way back, the Engineer stops with the new recruits of LC Munich at a cute café and makes further connections with one of Zurich’s closest other EESTEC branches. Escorting the new EESTECers on the way back after sunset through moonless night, traffic and avoiding angry Italian guard dogs left and right is done with ease by the Engineer. Meanwhile, the rest of the party waits 20 minutes for dinner, only to wait for another 20 minutes, and after that repeating the procedure.

Then, the Future Party, the last party of the event. The party of Tim, Michael, and Philipp pool all their items, strengths, and skills to make an unforgettable experience. This time, they travel to the future. The Traveller can hardly stop travelling and goes to a time when humans explore the whole galaxy, the Chairman travels to more relaxed days in the future when he is old and wise, has grey hair, and walks with an inflatable rollator (future technology is breathtaking sometimes) and the Engineer chooses to not travel far and arrives at Christmastime where he gives out the best Swiss Chocolate M-Budget has to offer to his EESTEC friends. Michael and Philipp have set themselves up for a magnificent combination move: Ricola Vodka. Using the ancient secret recipe of LC Zurich of adding the herbs candy to the liquor and shaking it, they create the most delicious of spirits. However, the party is not going yet. How can the adventures solve this? LC Zurich’s delegation comes up with a two-step plan, summoning LC Ljubljana and doing the EESTEC Haka across two floors to get everyone in the IMW house hyped to join for a round of beer baseball. It is a complete success and the future party gets going with everyone having an amazing time.

But why then did LC Zurich bring cheese with extra cheese? To take on a side quest: midnight snack. This turned out to be harder than expected because the kitchen stove was asleep at this time or not really working for other reasons. But with everyone working together and Tim and Philipp helping Michael with cooking, bread was warmed up and topped with melted Raclette cheese to be served to the other EESTECers. The raclette was again the icing on the cake of this event. Our party of adventures returned home the next day to continue being the Chairman forever, to continue having forsaken engineering, and to continue not being at Member Meetings.

This fun and memorable round of EESTEC travel would not have been possible without the work of EESTEC LC Milan organising this amazing event, thank you very much and thank you to Alek, the head organiser.