Aixtec 4.0

5G technology, smart power electronics, energy-efficient neural networks and cloud infrastructure as well as Swiss chocolate, Greek olives, Egyptian couscous, Turkish and Polish sweets, Slovenian Borovnička, Italian sausage and German beer.

Breaking Web

In February 2020 I got the chance to visit the beautiful country of Turkey. There, I joined EESTEC LC Anakara’s workshop “Breaking Web”. We learnt all about HTML, CSS and JavaScript while enjoying Turkish mezze and partying in the evenings.


In December 2019, EESTEC JLC Milan and EESTEC LC Munich invited us, 12 participants from all over Europe, to take part in an exciting workshop about the Internet of Things and 5G in Milano.

Compile Ur Machine!

No matter how much experience an EESTECer had with Linux, this was the perfect workshop to dive deeper into the world of GNU Linux. In EESTEC LC Zurich’s workshop Compile Ur Machine!, we got a kick start into the amazing world of Linux and received insights even into the kernel.

Lovin’ Spring

What does one think of when hearing Craiova, Romania? Not much, I suppose. Indeed, the city of Craiova, located in southern Romania, has not many things to offer. However, there is also a pretty amazing EESTEC LC there.