Compile Ur Machine!

Organising the workshop “Compile Ur Machine” started as early as January were we had our first meeting. From there we continued with fortnightly meetings until the event finally started in the middle of May. One of the biggest obstacles was choosing the participants: While we had 66 applications, we were only able to pick 15 due to our financial and also personal limitations.

On Saturday 11.5. the first of our international participants started arriving. Sunday afternoon, the majority was in Zurich and the event officially started with the welcome ceremony. The following days the participants were busy learning about the GNU Linux ecosystem during the day and experiencing Swiss culture during the evening. Highlights on the academic side were an Arch Linux installation on a virtual machine and on the cultural side the international night, to which each participant brings food & beverages from their country for the others to try. Needless to say, plenty of EESTEC LC Zurich members were involved in the cultural exchange as well as in the academic part. Additionally, our sponsor IPT visited us on Tuesday and gave insights into the industry for our participants as well as for LC Zurich members and ETH students.

The event officially ended on Friday, 17.5. However, most participants continued going to the Swiss mountains with us to attend the in parallel organised IMW. Therefore, on Monday morning, the last participants flew back home, after an unforgettable week which hopefully motivated all participants to organise similar events in their home city and continue spreading the EESTEC spirit.