Machiners: Infinity leArnIng

If you were wondering, where you could get to know the fundamentals of Machine Learning as well as the culture of Greece, the workshop “Machiners: Infinity leArnlng” is the choice for you.

This wonderful workshop took place in December 2019 in a lovely and peaceful city of Greece, called Xanthi. 14 Members from all over Europe came together to learn the basics of Machine Learning. The whole workshop was organized by small LC Xanthi which also provided us with different entertainments for the whole week.

The lectures were well organised, and all necessities such as food and drinks were provided on time. We had also some really interesting presentations led by DUTh professors and master students. My favourite educational part was a tour to Athena Research Center where we could face the newest technologies based on artificial intelligence, for example, machine learning in archaeology, modelling of the city centre with drones, ancient building visualization and much more.

And of course, there are no EESTEC events without an entertaining part.

On the first day, we went all together to a bar where we could meet each other a bit better and played some interactive games led by organizers. But the biggest party was on our second evening – International Night, where all members brought snacks and drinks from their homeland. It was the craziest party for me this year! The second biggest event we had, was a “City Rally” where we had to group up in teams and do some silly but funny challenges all around the town. Fortunately, my team won xD.

For me, the most important was that I discovered new wonderful, smart and interesting friends with the same interests all around Europe, with who I still communicate. For example, when I had to fly back from my hometown to Zurich, I had a transfer in Istanbul. But thanks to this workshop, I could meet a friend, who is living in Istanbul that I met at this workshop!

I do appreciate the work done by EESTEC LC Xanthi’s team and am glad that I participated in this fantastic workshop!