Bestes Deutsches und Schweizerisches Motivations-Wochenende

This story takes place from Friday 24th of November, to Sunday 26th of the same month. 80 people from LC Zurich, LC Karlsruhe, LC Munich and LC Aachen (aka LC ZĂĽKaMAa) are spending the weekend in Beuron, Germany for an IMW. What are they up to? What will they do this time? Keep reading to find out 🙂 

The EESTEC spirit is already felt by the members, as the German and Swiss branches make their way to Beuron. Music, Ricola Vodka and puzzled looks on the faces of strangers are just some of the signs that you are exactly on the right train. (although, given how Deutsche Bahn is always late, it is very hard to miss the right train) 

Five hours after we met up on the platform, we finally arrive to our group house on Friday evening, and while the dinner is being cooked, we get into our first costumes of the weekend. Theme: Emo. Lots of black clothes, chains and leather are spotted this night, the creativity and crazy make-up is highly appreciated by everyone. We must have used up more eyeliner in one night than an average person in a full year… it was worth it though. After some delicious pasta, drinks and dancing, it even started snowing, making the fields incredibly beautiful, and our costumes stand out! Eventually, we are ready to start the next day. 

Saturday morning comes, and we split up – some go on a wonderful hike, appreciating the local terrain. The others participate in the “torture games” (Perfectly on theme with the event name;)) which are a form of team building activities where each EESTECer is eager to win. After some Thai curry and card games, we start a campfire, where we roast marshmallows and sing songs. Then once again it is time for a theme party, this time – space! We dress up as astronauts and aliens, and have lots of fun dancing, playing rage cage, or just talking to each other. The dinner today is Lasagna – very tasty. After some more dancing and socialising, We are slowly making our way into our rooms, not wanting the weekend to end, and already knowing we will be missing it. 

Alas, Sunday comes, and it is time for us to pack our things, make sandwiches for the road, and say goodbye to our friends from other branches. And while the train ride home is full of card games and happy faces, we will all miss this unforgettable weekend.