The workshop BrAIns organised by LC Madrid was an amazing experience. I met so many lovely people there and I really enjoyed my time there.

Artificial intelligence is a topic which I’m extremely interested in. So as soon as I saw the announcement of the workshop I knew I would try to participate and it was totally worth it. The academic part was well done by LC Madrid. There were talks with Nokia, IBM and some Spanish companies, we visited a lab and there was a session where a professor of the university introduced us to a practical exercise on some machine learning algorithms.

Of course, we didn’t sit all day inside the university. There was always some free time to chill, we explored Madrid during the city rally and had an EESTEC training about team building. Every night we went to eat Spanish food at another place. I LOVE TAPAS! The locals showed us all the places where they usually go out. We had so much fun.

A workshop wouldn’t be complete without an IMW at the end. For the weekend we went a bit outside of Madrid and stayed at a camp with some huts. The place was huge and it had a pool and also a basketball court. The weekend there was perfect to even bond more and have a good time together.

I recommend you participate in one of LC Madrid’s workshops.