Greece Me Up 6

Greece Me Up 6 was a relaxing exchange on a small island called Antiparos in Greece. LC Athens thought about everything we needed during this week and we could just chill there.

Let’s start with how the week began. Together with another member from LC Zurich, we travelled to Memmingen, Germany by Flixbus and from there we took a plane to Athens. We got quite a cheap flight but the downside was that we arrived at around 1:30 am at the airport. Luckily, we were not the only ones arriving so late and soon a girl from Milan joined us. We decided to wait for one of our friends from LC Hamburg whose flight was delayed. The good thing is that the whole airport was open 24h. So we played some cards and drank coffee to stay awake.

When our friend arrived we left the airport to meet the organisers and some participants of the event AIM. Afterwards, we took a taxi to the port where our ferry left a bit after noon. It took the ferry about 4 hours to get to Paros the bigger island next to Antiparos. This was the perfect time to get to know each other better during some fun games.

As soon as we arrived in Antiparos we set up our tents in the camping. LC Athens brought tents for everyone. When we were done we went the first time to the beach. It was a little surprise but the closest beach to the camping was a nudist beach. However, most of the people were normally dressed except some elderly guys. Besides that the beach and the sea were stunning. The sea was perfect to play some ball games in the water or just to float and chill.

Every day I slept until breakfast around 10 AM and afterwards went to the beach. In the afternoon in “Greek time” (usually at least +1 hour in our time) we got some lunch at the beach and afterwards they organised some daily activities. During the week there has been a treasure hunt, a volleyball tournament, a drinking competition and an island rally. Even more fun was the night activities. Besides of course some beach parties, there was international night and also Greek night. Greek night was special because there was only Greek music, Greek food, Greek drinks and Greek dances. We got taught some “simple” dances although I was not so talented. After the parties some people enjoyed the sunrise, some others went to a place called “La Luna” which was a club on the island open from 4 until 6 am. I enjoyed the club a lot because there was mostly 80s or Greek music.

Unfortunately, every event has to come to an end as well as this review but I can definitely recommend everyone to go there next year!