Kranjska Gora 2021

My first EESTEC event was going to the Slovenian Alps and partying for a weekend. We were around 35 EESTEC LC Zurich members and I got to know all of them during the IMW. I could see everyone was excited for this event but I did not know why until I was there myself.

Prior to the event we met for the biweekly member meeting at HG. From there, we first went to CAB Innenhof to get some precious EESTEC merchandise and then walked to the train station and our journey officially started. I was surprised by how much food and drinks we carried onto the train. It turned out we needed those in order to start the party on the train, especially the drinks. What I did not know yet was that we had a big block of raclette cheese packed as well, which came in handy as a perfect night snack after dancing all night during our stay up in the Slovenian mountains. Now I am curious how come there isn’t any raclette bar around every club in Switzerland. I am convinced that it is a superior alternative to McDonald’s or Kebab, and this comes from a Turkish person.

We were in Ljubljana at around 8 in the morning, where we were greeted by 2 local EESTECers. After putting our luggage in lockers, we walked through the city and ended up at the castle. While we were walking I got to learn a lot about Slovenia and its history from the local EESTECers, which is no surprise since joining EESTEC is probably the best way to exchange cultures.

Next, we went back to the city centre and ended up at a food market. All options looked tasty, but one was much more interesting to me: Pljeskavica. I am sure you are familiar with Cevapcici. Pljeskavica could be explained as a burger where the meat is the same as what you would use for Cevabcici. Then add some delicious mystery sauces and you get a delicious meal.

After spending some more time and eating some more food in the city, we went to the bus terminal, where we waited for the buses that brought us up to the mountains. The ride took around an hour and a half. We were around 250 people and one house was definitely not sufficient. We were distributed across three houses, which were separated by around 10 minutes of walking distance from each other.

After having dinner at the main house, everybody went back to their houses to get ready for the costume party. I was amazed that most of the EESTECers either had a well-thought-out costume or improvised brilliantly. I am ashamed to say that I was not one of those people. The music there was unconventional. Since there are students from all around Europe – or let’s just say from the countries somewhat close to Slovenia – you get to listen to a different type of music every 10 minutes. In case you haven’t realised it yet, you don’t need to understand the music in order to vibe with it.

After having known the people around you during the first night, you know who you will vibe with throughout the next night. Thus the second night just gets better and since I am writing this chapter after having gone to one other event, which was organised by EESTEC LC Zurich, it gets even better as you get to know more people.

On Sunday we woke up early and waited for the buses that took us back to Ljubljana. There we entered a nice pool with a small slide for a price less than a Kebab in Zurich. And I know that I should stop using Kebab as a benchmark for everything.

Later, we took our night train back to Zurich, which of course consisted of some fun. However since every single one of us was basically sleep deprived, the fun was more on the playing card games side this time.