Noodle Yeti Ecstasy IMW (NYE IMW)

From 2019-12-30 until 2020-01-02 the Local Committee of AGH Krakow organised a New Year’s Eve IMW. Together as a group of ten EESTECers from LC Zurich, we participated in this great event. This is a short report about these crazy four days.

Since the event was not in the city of Krakow itself but south of it, in the mountains in Piwniczna, most of us arrived a day earlier to enjoy & explore the city of Krakow a bit before the start of the event. We rented a big Airbnb, enjoyed some sightseeing in the lovely old town, ate delicious Pierogis also known as Polish dumplings, and had a great and heartwarming pre-party together with the organizers from Krakow and other students from all over Europe.

On Monday, the event officially started with the bus ride heading for the mountains. 109 students from Krakow and 23 other cities from all over Europe joined this fun and crazy event. The biggest delegation – next to the LC Krakow one – came from Ljubljana, Slovenia. 25 of them joined us on this trip. Crazy.

The party started already on the bus, LC Zurich people, of course, pushing it and being the entertainers of that drive together with the Slovenians. 2.5 hours later we arrived at our hostel. After moving into our rooms of two to eight people, on three floors, we headed straight for dinner. The food was great (especially for an event this size) and with full bellies, we prepared ourselves for the first party night.

Each night had its own theme – the first night was Hardbass Party, New Year’s Eve was in the fancy style of the 20s and the first party of the new year was an international night – more on that later.

Next to the party themes, they organized a challenge system where we could participate in groups and fulfil challenges to win prizes at the end of the event. LC Zurich, crazy as we are, went all in and both of our teams did a great job – team one doing each and every crazy stupid challenge – winning first and second place. We kept our reputation at the highest level.

After a long first night with lots of fun, great Hardbass (and other) music, some Mongolians and sufficient of Polish vodka the second day started with a day program. One could either go skiing, go for a hiking trip or visit the closest city with some ice skating and a toy museum visit.

New Year’s Eve approached and being smart we skipped bringing our own fireworks (alcohol and explosives are not a good combination) and enjoyed the start of the new year with some nice sparkling wine and sparklers. But since it’s Poland, there were so many private fireworks around us, we got our explosive start anyways.

The night (or better the morning) ended in one of LC Zurich’s rooms around 9 am with LC Zurich members winning the last man-standing contest against the Slovenians. XD

And not to forget, our lovely interpretation of being fancy LC Zurich style. Just take a look at the pictures 😉

The new year started with a short fun lecture, held by an LC Zurich member, about the title of the event – Noodles Yeti Ecstasy – and continued with the last challenges for the points, mainly a Flunky ball contest.

In preparation for last night’s party, the international night, where every Local Committee is supposed to bring some food and drinks from their country, we prepared some lovely Raclette Brötli and some Swiss chocolates next to our infamous Ricola Vodka. Worth mentioning was the table of LC Ljubljana which contained 25 bottles of Borovnicka (blueberry liquor) and the organiser’s table which mainly had homemade dishes and homemade vodkas next to a huge assortment of flavoured Soplicas. As you can imagine a night like this can only end up crazy and so the last people with enough energy ended up in one of our rooms on the top floor, parting like there was no tomorrow. What a crazy start to the new year!

Sadly the event approached its end and on the morning of 2. January it was time to say goodbye to most of the participants and organizers. A few of us stayed a night longer in Krakow to recover and enjoy one last night there before heading back home to Zurich.

It was a crazy, well-organized event with loads of good company. A lot of new international friendships were forged and the international spirit of EESTEC was clearly felt by each and every one of us. Our hearts were crying that it was over but our bodies were more than happy to finally get a break xD

And so we can only recommend if you ever get the chance to go to an event like that, or any international event (especially by EESTEC), go for it! So what are you waiting for?

Enough said, now have a look at this selection of lovely photos of the event.