Occupy Marmaris 7 in Heaven

Marmaris is a beautiful place at Turkey’s seaside where every year around 50 EESTECers gather to spend an amazing week together. The first day started with arrivals, getting to know all of the other participants and getting used to the temperatures a Turkish summer brings with it. The latter was promptly acted upon the following day, when we spent the day at the sea, refreshing ourselves in the water and enjoying the sun with some cold drinks. In the evening we started out playing some games all together before exploring the famous nightlife of Marmaris.

We spent the next day at the Aqua Park, sliding, playing games, chilling in the water and just enjoying the holidays. After this fun and refreshing activity, we had the most special night: International Night. At every event, there is one night in which everyone presents the delicacies of their home country. We tried delicious Turkish desserts, drank tasty Sangria, ate some of our Swiss chocolate and rounded the night with an incredible pool party.

In Marmaris we did not only limit ourselves to the local beaches and activities but also went on to discover the sea and what was hidden in the deep. Namely, we did a boat trip and enjoyed the pirate life: swimming whenever we felt like it, checking out a small harbour, climbing onto cliffs to have a good jump into the sea or doing a haka in a magical cave.

Upon great days follow even greater nights. It was time to experience the Turkish culture with delicious seafood, endless rakı, traditional belly dancers and an amazing beach party including a swim under the stars.

After this many relaxing activities, it was time for more action. Namely, we did a safari trip while having epic water gun fights. Also, we did a few stops, one of them at an ice-cold waterfall where the more courageous of us dared to jump down.

Luckily, the organisers knew how exhausting this day (and the whole week) will be so they organised a Turkish bath experience for us. It was the perfect way to relax even the last bits of our body. In order to be fully rested for the last official night of this event.

Goodbyes are always hard. To spare us a bit of that, we decided to stay a couple of days longer and visit Antalya with some local EESTECers. The perfect way to end such a great week.

At this point, we want to thank EESTEC LC Ankara for this amazing week they have organised for us. And also thank all the present EESTECers with whom we could create such amazing memories. We love you and hope to see you soon around Europe again. <3