Organized Annual Skiing Madness 23

This year’s Organized Annual Skiing Madness was the first I went to and definitely an unforgettable experience.

I got to meet so many amazing new people and meet my EESTEC friends again, as we always say to each other “See you around Europe”. The parties and the activities were crazy, we had challenges to complete all throughout the event, and the party mood overall was never missing, whether there was a party going on, a Glühwein gathering outside of the accommodation, or just meeting members from EESTEC LC Zurich who carried an entire speaker down the slope!

The skiing part was especially memorable for me, and a level of physical activity you don’t get the chance to try in most events. One of the 2 days we went skiing I overestimated my ability to handle the slope relative to my experience and just got stuck sliding down the slope on my butt until the next lift. Thankfully, the organising committee came to the rescue and taught me how to ski a little better, and we managed to get out of this alive and well. And a bit wiser to never try that again. I remember very fondly the patience they had while I was sliding down the slope like a newborn horse trying to walk.

Definitely going next year! (but on easier slopes)