Organized Annual Skiing Madness 24

The weekend started by getting up at 5:30 in the morning to be at the Zurich Main station at 6:20. This was probably the only not so cool thing I had to do this weekend ;). After the train ride to Davos, we dropped off our bags and immediately hit the slopes. Skiing was a lot of fun, and the chairlifts give you plenty of time to talk to your new or old friends.

Around four in the afternoon, the après-ski in our party room started and the first drinking games were played. I however spent almost all evening playing Tichu (a Swiss game) and went to bed early to have enough energy for skiing the next day. There were even some people who managed to party and go skiing the next day, some people are just built differently.

The second evening after some sauna and dinner the real party started. The theme of the evening was “Muuuh”, perfect for the mountains. Many were super creative with their costumes, it was really fun to watch! Almost all night long there was one beer baseball and one rage cage table, both very fun games. I think overall I spent around four hours playing beer baseball, so I can definitely recommend this game! The OC also prepared some very funny challenges, all matching the theme of the party. My favourite was the race with inflatable cows.

Now sadly the weekend was almost over and the only thing left to do was taking the train back to Zurich.