Semester Report 2018 Spring


In the 2018 spring semester, we organised the following events and occasions:

  • Ski Weekend
  • EESTech Challenge Local Round
  • Women in Engineering and Technology 4 Workshop
  • Alumni Evening
  • Participation in events abroad

Local Activities

The new semester started with our annual ski weekend. In addition to many local participants, we also had some international guests. Together we spent a relaxed weekend in Graubünden. Of course, there was also a proper evening program – a bit of après-ski is part of every ski weekend!

At the end of March, we then held our local round of the EESTech Challenge. The theme of this year’s hackathon was Big Data. The Local Round was held at our partner Roche in Kaiseraugst. The winning team Hönggerberg made it to the final round, which took place in Novi Sad, Serbia.

For the rest of the semester, our focus was on organising and hosting our fourth Women in Engineering and Technology workshop. We visited various labs at ETH and also one of our sponsors, KPMG. We discussed gender inequalities in the working world with successful female professors and improved our leadership skills in two trainings led by an international trainer.

Of course, the participants also had the chance to explore the city during their five days in Zurich. In renewed cooperation with Züri Tourismus, the participants were shown sides of the city that even many of the organisers were not yet familiar with.

Of course, our alumni evening was also part of the program. We once again invited former EESTECers from the last 30 years to a BBQ together.

Plans Next Semester

From October 19 to 21, we will travel together to Slovenia for a party weekend, as we do every year, and spend a relaxing weekend there.

Of course, we have also planned several events in Zurich. These include an alumni evening and a SitSit. At the end of the semester, we have another international event on the program – an exchange where the international participants can get to know Switzerland and its culture better.

The planning for our events is already in full swing, but we need your help!

Are you confident and like to talk to companies at eye level to raise sponsorship money? Or are you creative and keen to contribute your ideas to our planning? Or do you like to come up with unusual ideas for parties? Or are you simply open-minded and would like to give our European guests the best impression of Switzerland?

Of course, you can also visit one of the many events abroad free of charge. You can always find the latest information at Come to one of our two-week meetings and ask your questions to or directly to us if you see one of us walking around in our bright red T-shirts/hoodies. 😉

On behalf of EESTEC LC Zurich

Philipp Butschle
Chairman EESTEC LC Zurich