Semester Report 2019 Autumn

Organised Events

In the 2019 autumn semester, we organised the following events:

  • Member Recruitment and Ersti-Anwerbung
  • LC Zurich goes Kranjska Gora (Wochenende in Slowenien)
  • Spieleabend
  • Internationaler Event (IMW): Dancing In the Lovely Downtown Of Zurich
  • Alumni Fondue
  • Ski Wochenende
  • Teilnahme an Events im Ausland

Local Activities

As always, the new semester started with the most important thing of all: member recruitment.

We were once again represented at the Freshers’ Weekend and the Freshers’ Rally and also promoted our traditional trip to Ljubljana. Which, as always, was a breathtaking experience.

Afterwards, we organised a relaxed games evening for our members. But all too soon the relaxing was over as our international event was just around the corner. Dancing In the Lovely Downtown Of Zurich was a complete success, even though we had to organise it at very short notice. We showed the participants Zurich at its best, introducing them to traditional Swiss dishes and our culture. We also offered the participants a varied evening programme with a cosy pool party and a wild Halloween tram party, where we were able to let our creativity run wild.

Apart from our IMW, we also organised an alumni fondue, at which even an alumnus from 1996 appeared, and our ski weekend, which will now take place at the beginning of the new semester and for which some of our former workshop participants will travel from abroad.

Events Visited Abroad

The number of participants from Zurich is shown in brackets.

  • Kranjska Gora in Ljubljana, Slovenia (38)
  • 4th Autumn Congress in Essen, Germany (2)
  • Best International Experience near the Ruhr, Germany (6)
  • de<code> IT wingardiuM Leviosa IMW in Bucharest, Romania (3)
  • R.IoT in Mailand, Italy (1)
  • CiapaR.IoT in Mailand, Italy (2)
  • Machiners: Infinity leArnIng in Xanthi, Greece (1)
  • Belgrade Long Nights in Belgrade, Serbia (9)
  • Noodles Yeti Ecstasy, Neujahrsparty in Krakow, Poland (9)
  • Breaking Web in Ankara, Turkey (1)
  • Webflix.Comm: The IMW in Ankara, Turkey (1)

Plans for the Next Semester

At the end of March, we will be organising a local round of the EESTech Challenge for the fourth time. Participants from ETH and UZH will be able to prove their skills in a hackathon. The winning team will qualify for the final round in Krakow (Poland). We are also planning another workshop. After last semester’s workshop was cancelled at short notice, we are now organising this Robotics Workshop this year. The organisation is already in full swing and it promises to be a very exciting week. The workshop will take place here in Zurich from 3 to 8 May and will be followed by another weekend in the mountains. Once again we can expect many international guests! In addition, there will be the opportunity to compete as one of the local ETH teams against our international participants. ­čśë To keep in touch with previous generations of EESTECers, an alumni event is also planned for the beginning of May.

Help and Join

The planning for the events is already in full swing, but we need your help!

Are you confident and do you like talking to companies at eye level to raise sponsorship money? Or are you creative and keen to contribute your ideas to our planning? Or do you like coming up with unusual ideas for parties? Or are you simply cosmopolitan and would like to give our European guests the best impression of Switzerland?

Of course, you can also visit one of the many events abroad free of charge. You can always find the latest information at Why don’t you come to one of our fortnightly meetings and ask your questions to or directly to us if you see one of us walking around in our bright red T-shirts/hoodies. ­čśë

Selim Naji
Chairperson EESTEC LC Zurich