Semester Report 2023 Autumn


Organised Events

  • 28.9.2023 Kickoff & Info Event
  • 29.9.-1.10. Butschle’s Birthday Celebration IMW in Elm
  • 27.10. Knitting & Crocheting Workshop
  • 9.11. Pub Crawl as After Meeting
  • 21.&22.11. Red Pitaya Workshops
  • 24.-26.11. Bestes Deutsches und Schweizerisches Motivations-Wochenende in collaboration with EESTEC LC Munich, LC Aachen, LC Karlsruhe in Beuron, Germany
  • 9.-11.2. Organised Annual Skiing Madness 24 in Davos
  • Thursdays every 2 weeks: 7 Member Meetings
  • 7 Board Meetings

Events Visited Abroad

  • 13.-15.10. Kranjska Gora IMW in Slovenia
  • 1.-6.11. ESTIEM Council Meeting 67 in Budapest, Hungary
  • 1.-3.12. A journey through time: a timeless IMW in Milan, Italy

Plans Next Semester

  • 14.-19.5. Students Mastering Audio Skills Happily
  • 19.-21.5. Dancing Among Swiss Habitants
  • 17.-21.5. Absurdly Nerdy Discussions (Live Regional Meeting Region 3)
  • 19.5. EESTech Challenge Local Round
  • Thursdays every 2 weeks: 8 Member Meetings
  • many Board Meetings

Events Across Europe

Some spotlights. Find all events we have been to on

A journey through time: a timeless IMW in Milan, Italy

The event features three EESTEC LC Zurich participants – Tim, Michael, and Philipp – chosen for a one-of-a-kind adventure organized by EESTEC LC Milan. The trio manages to find the event in Como after a small detour through random towns on the Swiss-Italian border. After arriving, the participants are greeted with the wonderful theme party A Walk in the Past. Kindergarten children meet crusaders and dwell in memories of the recent Summer Board Meeting. After sleeping, and for some people after missing breakfast, the trio joins the hike to the nearby church, enjoying beautiful views over the landscape.

Moving swiftly onwards to the A Peek into the Future party, where quickly ageing people enjoy the quickly approaching Christmas alongside Italian drinks. Past midnight, the trio reveals their secret item: Raclette cheese. Needless to say, everybody was amazed.

Kranjska Gora IMW, Slovenia

Like every autumn for the past decade, EESTEC LC Zurich travels to Slovenia in great numbers to our favourite annual event: The Kranjska Gora IMW by LC Ljubljana. The biggest and best International Motivational Weekend. We had some new recruits with us, travelling with EESTEC for the first time. We made sure they got a look at Ljubljana’s most gorgeous side, tried the Slovenian specialities, drank their first drinkable Joghurt, and celebrated their first international parties with EESTEC. Everybody had a blast and tons of new friendships across borders and cultures were formed.

Due to the sheer amount of LC Zurich people wanting to join, we had to book our own separate accommodation, as not all LC Zurich members fit into the official event accommodation. Of course, no one is left behind!

Organised Local Events

Bestes Deutsches und Schweizerisches Motivations-Wochenende

Saturday morning comes, and we split up – some go on a wonderful hike, appreciating the local terrain. The others participate in the “torture games” which are a form of team-building crafting exercises where each EESTECer is eager to win. After some Thai curry and card games, we start a campfire, where we roast marshmallows and sing songs. Then once again it is time for a theme party, this time – space! We dress up as astronauts and aliens and have lots of fun dancing, playing Rage Cage, or just talking to each other. The dinner today is Sean’s famous Lasagna – very tasty. After some more dancing and socialising, we slowly make our way into our rooms, not wanting the weekend to end, and already knowing we will be missing it.

Member Meetings

While not an event in the traditional sense, they happen every second Thursday throughout the semester and are an important part of EESTEC. We discuss what events to organise in the future, look for people eager to organise, and announce events happening abroad. We discuss about rules of procedure changes and are eager to see who wins the meeting bingo and its price. This semester we were able to increase our average meeting attendance to 24 people! We had a few more organised after meetings, too: From pub crawl to visiting PapperlaPub or a nose flute introduction lesson.

Local Updates

We started building stronger bonds with our German EESTEC branches. This semester, we organised a joint event with EESTEC LC Munich, LC Aachen, LC Karlsruhe and LC Zurich, the Bestes Deutsches und Schweizerisches Motivations-Wochenende. Next semester, we will host the Live Regional Meeting, where we can strengthen our ties further, and come up with plans for similar future projects. Expect many more events to come!


Do you also want to travel and organise, make new friends, tell about your friends in Portugal, stories from Serbia and organisational feats in Zurich? Come to our next member meeting on Thursday, 2024-02-22 at 18:30 in HG F 33.5, talk to someone in our bright red T-shirts or visit The member meetings including after meetings happen every second Thursday, see

On behalf of EESTEC LC Zurich,

Michael Heider
Chairperson EESTEC LC Zurich