Spring Congress Belgrade & IMW

Flight to Belgrade was delayed, missed the welcome party evening, great. However, nothing that can stop a true EESTECer.

On Monday morning we go off to the first GM location. LC Belgrade didn’t just get us any location, they got the assembly room in the national parliament! With a real professional atmosphere and appropriate business casual dress code, the first in-person GM went by with a breeze. In the evening we went to the international night in the basement of the university. As usual, the scene was mouthwatering. LC Zurich set themselves up to ensure other EESTECers get to enjoy our traditional Ricola Vodka, paired with Toblerone chocolate. Shortly after, I ran off to enjoy some Serbian sweets. I do not remember their names, but they were delicious.

On Tuesday we switched to the national bank as the GM location. More points were discussed, proposals proposed, questions asked, solutions suggested. Compared to the past Autumn Congress, this Spring Congress was very interactive from the representatives’ side, which made it engaging and fun. In the evening we got to explore the first part of Belgrade’s famous nightlife by going to a pub.

Wednesday was a bit calmer without GMs, but a career expo instead. Surprisingly, quite a few of the companies present had job offers in Switzerland as well. In the afternoon we got free time. Instead of simply relaxing for the past few days, a few people from the Germanic region decided to go explore the city, perhaps gaining an advantage for the city tour on Saturday.

On Thursday we voted to dissolve EESTEC seated in Delft. Before that however, LC Zurich wanted to have some fun by changing the RoPs one last time and giving EESTEC’s famous song Hir Aj Kam, Hir Aj Go by Magnifico a special mention in them. Sadly, this got declined. By Thursday evening we already had a complete board. We were able to fill the so far vacant two positions before the last day of Congress. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any ACOC or SCOC for the next year yet. Thursday night rolled around quickly, by now the first IMW participants have arrived, too. This meant that the LC Zurich delegation suddenly was way stronger and everyone got covered in our stickers.

Friday saw the last GM and the first goodbyes. It is truly amazing how many great people you meet at international EESTEC events. I hope to see some of them again soon at the next events.

Friday night, the IMW started. This meant the parties suddenly got even bigger and sure enough, Friday’s location had two floors, complete with two bars. We enjoyed a long night there.

Night blurred into day again, now it is Saturday. The city tour showed us more of Belgrade and made us complete various challenges: From finding a local to tell us the meaning of “Belgrade”, to building a human pyramid. Eventually, the 30°C hot day gave way to a cooler night at another cool location hosting the final party of the week.

The week was a blast! Many thanks to LC Belgrade and the SCOC for letting us enjoy this experience and robbing us of our sleep night after night. I am looking forward to returning at some point.

– Michael Heider, EESTEC LC Zurich Official Representative