Sunny Spain Returns

The event Sunny Spain Returns took place for the second time. EESTEC LC Madrid organised this amazing week in Burriana, a little village in western Spain, where we enjoyed the festival Arenal Sound together. The festival took place from the 30 July until the 4 August which is the week before the start of the examination period at ETH. However, this year I was lucky to have my exams before and two weeks after the event, so I managed to go and it was the best decision ever. Therefore, whenever you have too much time during summer “break” go to an EESTEC event.

At first, we all met in Madrid and left at 2:00 am with an organised Bus to Burriana. We arrived at around 7:00 am and the first day started. LC Madrid organised tents, chairs, food and drinks for everyone. On the first two days, there were no concerts, so everyone had time to find the sea, go swimming, chill around at the camping site, maybe get lost one or two times, then remember where our camping is located and have some nice evening parties at the camping.

On Thursday, the first concerts started and now our days consisted of going to the beach, going swimming, eating at a cute restaurant, chilling at the camping, partying at the camping, going to the concerts and enjoying the sunrise after the last concert finished. The best part is you do all of this in great company. I met so many amazing new people from all over Europe and all the participants were probably the only non-Spanish people at the festival.

There were four stages for the concerts and most of the artists were Spanish. However, there were also more known artists, for example, Martin Garrix, Don Diablo and Thirty Seconds to Mars. The first concerts in the evening were usually Indie music, then a lot of artists playing Reggaeton and some DJs mixing the craziest things together. One can say that there was something for everyone.

There was a little beach inside the festival area near the stages. Also, one of the four stages had a pool in front of the stage, meaning one could dance in the pool and enjoy the music without being bothered by the hot sun of the afternoon. So, if you can’t decide if you want to go to a festival or to the beach just do both and go to the next SSR. The people were amazing, the weather was perfect, and I had an amazing time (and still passed the exams I had after the event).