DREamy Autumn Days

Wo war ich in der Nacht von Freitag auf Montag?

Dear Diary

The day before yesterday, I woke up at  Dreamy Autumn Days, the newest International Motivational Weekend (IMW) by LC Zurich. The train just arrived in Rothenthurm and, because we were stressed according to the person responsible for the trip, I was torn out of my sleep. At the IMW house, the here highly praised OC was waiting for me. Still with sleepy dust in my eyes and completely overwhelmed, the dear guys showed us the noble housing for the weekend. Snacks and drinks were already piled up in front of the hut. Then it was time for some cultural exchange with the international participants. Sadly, this being an IMW, there was no full international night with a banquet from every city.

Before dinner, we started some games. As usual, there was also a round of pro-league rage cage. The dinner was excellent – praise be to Chef Sean. Then, almost as a dessert, LC Zurich offered a bottle of the finest Swiss Ricola Vodka.

Afterward, we took off again with the party theme “Out of this World”. On the way to the stars, we were brought back to the ground of reality – with the too-low limbo bar. After that (some even during) we started to take off again, not least due to the almost extraterrestrial drinks of our very experienced bar staff. Together, they had several decades of EESTEC experience. Later in the evening, there was of course also the mandatory Raclette snack before bed. What would be better than a good portion of molten Swiss cheese after midnight?

Die schönsten Tage waren schon immer die Nächte

Saturday morning rolled around. Getting up was hard. Luckily, Sean again pleased us with a hearty meal; we had Rösti for breakfast! Only LC Zurich manages to pull up with homemade Rösti for breakfast. All too soon we had to leave the Rösti behind and leave for another Swiss activity: The hike. At the destination of the hike, some of us even jumped into a lake. Some of us (especially the OC) were really high flyers. And so the whole thing was captured by drone for posterity. After this exhausting hike, a quick snack was needed, of course again in Swiss style with chocolate and Zweifel (please sponsor us) chips. Soon followed by “brötlete Schwiizer Cervelat”, combined with the finest salads.

Soon afterward, the second party started. Gradually, people changed into Saturday’s theme: crazy hats. Spinning, blinking, with furr, you name it. The bar had any drink I could wish for. Then, one of LC Zurich’s original members prepared another LC Zurich original: Mongolians. The ones present will know, if you weren’t, the next EESTEC event is coming up soon. Music on, lights going, bar open, hats spinning, EESTECers all around, what more could you want?

As I woke up the next day, the reality of ETH started to kick back into my mind… but that thought luckily was quickly muffled by our great EESTEC spirit. Suitcases packed, goodbyes started all too soon. All the people I just got to know, already departing again. Luckily, quite a few stayed for a couple more days, extending the EESTEC spirit for a few more days <3.

Adieu, Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen

Have you ever seen a train? Have you ever seen a coffee dispenser? Yes? How about a coffee machine built into a train? No? Well, time to sign up for the next LC Zurich event! See you in March 2023 at our Organized Annual Skiing Madness 23!