Lovin’ Spring

What does one think of when hearing Craiova, Romania? Not much, I suppose. Indeed, the city of Craiova, located in southern Romania, has not many things to offer. However, there is also a pretty amazing EESTEC LC there.

Kranjska Gora 2018

We were back.
Back to where we are each year. Back at the IMW of LC Ljubliana.
33 adventurous EESTEC LC Zurich members travelled to the not-so-far lands of Slovenia to meet engineering students from all over Europe and to party together.

EESTech Challenge 2018 Local Round

EESTech Challenge 2018 is the 2nd edition of the competition organized by EESTEC that aims to create opportunities for European students to gain knowledge in the field of EECS and develop a professional network. The topic of this year’s challenge is big data​.